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North Korean Mystery Woman Is Leader Kim Jong Un?s Wife

Evolution of Korean uniform for Summer Games

This is all part of the process of legitimizing Kim Jong Un, said Maxwell, a retired U.S. Army colonel who served in jaket jepang South Korea . The apparent marriage along with his affectations of his grandfather Kim Il Sung - manner, speeches and appearance -- is all about making him appear as a charismatic leader like his grandfather was. In effect, North Korea has not had a charismatic leader for 17 years because Kim Jong Il was a near-recluse. Winnie the Pooh Ri was the unidentified woman seen in a number of recent public appearances on state television, closely flanking Kim, including the July 6 performance featuring band members dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Minnie Mouse and other Walt Disney Co. characters. She was seated next to Kim, sporting a pixie-cut hair style and dressed in a black blazer and a fitted knee- length skirt.

The Korean Olympic Committee has sponsored the outfits made by Bean Pole, managed by Samsungs Cheil Industries. The brand, established in 1989, was deemed to have what was needed for the London Games. It has long sought inspiration from the fashion capital that reinterprets its tradition and culture from a modern viewpoint. Its concept heritage meets British contemporary sense also indicates that the brand has a better understanding of the city.

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